Lead Melting Rotary Furnace

Lead Melting Rotary Furnace

Are you looking for Lead Melting Rotary Funace? You are in the right place. Bedi Furnaces and Refractories is one of India’s most renowned Lead Melting Rotary Furnace suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters. These furnaces are designed to recycle many non-ferrous metals. It is available in a variety of sizes and quality dimensions depending on the needs of the customer.

Our team of experts ensures that these Lead Rotary Furnaces meet the highest quality standards. We do not compromise on the product’s quality, therefore we only use premium quality materials and the most advanced technology. Our entire range of quality parameters is also tested to ensure that it performs well and lasts.

We are India’s leading supplier and exporter of Lead Melting Rotary Furnaces. What are you waiting for? Get your order placed now.

Our lead scrap melting furnaces are highly efficient and low-fuel consumption.

Two types of Lead Melting Furnaces are available with us.

  1. Rotary Furnace
  2. Crucible Furnace


Rotary Furnace

Mainly used for lead and lead ore rotation of the furnace help us to mix metal in uniform and proper lead alloys making.

Crucible Furnace

Mainly used for small industries, Its help us to provide accurate metal distribution to the machines.