Industrial Furnace

Industrial Furnaces

Bedi Furnaces & Refractories was established in the year 2012. at Faridabad, Haryana, India. It has achieved many milestones in order to be recognized as one of India’s most prestigious Industrial Furnace Manufacturers and suppliers. We offer Heat Treatment, Crucible, Zinc Melting, Lead Melting Rotary, Billet Reheating, Rotary, Tower, Aluminum Melting Furnace, Regenerative etc.

The entire range can be ordered in various sizes and specifications and is capable of handling high temperatures. The MS shell is strong enough to withstand constant use in difficult situations. They are made with cutting-edge technology with using high quality raw materials. We also tested it on several parameters to ensure that it performs flawlessly.

We are trusted Industrial Furnaces suppliers and exporters so you won’t be disappointed with any of our products. We also offer after-sales services, such as installation, maintenance, or assistance related to furnaces to ensure that our clients are never in any trouble while using them.

Our Main melting plants are.

  • Aluminum Melting Plant
  • Lead Melting Plant
  • Copper Melting Plant
  • Zinc Melting Plant

These including melting furnaces, pollution control system, chimney along with Ingot casting machine, lead melting pots, oil fuel tanks, heaters etc.